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As I sit here and contemplate what my 1st blog should be, I decide to of course give my readers a little intro about myself but instead of being cliche and making this an intro, let's look at it as a motivational tool. If nothing else, I want my readers to learn one thing from me!!!! No matter where you are in life, what you have done, the mistakes you made, the bridges you burned, the wrong turns you end up making.......It's never, ever, ever too late to stop, reevaluate and start over in creating who you are and the foot prints you leave behind. My name is Dominika and I am on the path of stopping, reevaluating and starting to re-step my journey in this thing we call life.

I was born the only child to my mother who was FULL TIME ACTIVE DUTY SUPPLY SERGEANT, so of course that made me a military brat. My mom was very good & strong at what she did and was the "go to person" for everything. As you can imagine, a single mother of color in the military in the 80's brought on quite a few challenges. Two of the main ones were we moved a lot (which I started hating as I got older) and the second our worlds and lifestyle was always ripped apart when she had to leave me behind because she either had to deploy overseas or go to the field for weeks at a time. So this left me more often than not having to fend for my self and kind of having to grow up faster than what I needed to and also not being able to just be stable in one environment that a child needs to grow and develop in. Of course as timed developed, I did get behind in school, it was hard to adjust and make friends (for one I hated getting close to people because at some point I knew they would disappear out of my life) and I was labeled to be one of the lowest learners in my class.

Luckily for me I had a praying mother who did not take any BULL CRAP!!!!! She prayed, invested in me, got with my teachers and even started ending her career in the military because my future was way more important than hers. So fast forward, to my high school days in my senior year. When all my classmates knew what college they wanted to go to, careers they had laid out, the wives or husbands they wanted to marry.....I was sitting their like uuummmm I have no clue what I wanted to do with myself. I had no clue who I was, what I wanted to be. Yeah I said nursing, and teaching just to say those things but frankly I had no desires for either of those fields or any other professional field. All I knew is I wanted to make a lot of money, travel and work for myself.

So high school graduation is rolling around, I maybe applied to one or two colleges (lol) my mom is looking at me crazy and I'm like look "I just want to go to cosmetology school do hair and grow in the beauty industry". See the one thing I loved was anything beauty:hair, clothes, makeup you name it. I had my own little boutique in my own closet (there are many perks to being an only child). Omg my mom flipped. You would have thought I told her I was about to be a stipper or something. She was so hurt and felt I was settling for less. She had a "come to Jesus moment," and called her older sister up and both of them had a 2 hour sermon a piece of how I was settling and throwing my life away. See for me, it wasn't throwing my life away but more so wanting to do what I wanted to do and not what the world or people expected you to do. It was hard for my mom to understand, her and her siblings were all raised by her dad. He taught them, go to school, get a good job work hard, save and you can retire to live a good life. Which is cool but as we all know times has totally changed and that's not the case now.

So of course, I went to college got my degree in Journalism/communications graduated and was thinking I was going to get this BIG TOP PAYING corporate job dealing with something in communications.....uumm not!!!! I graduated from college, I was living off student loans and VA from my mom and had no job, living in Atlanta in an apartment by myself. I got a job as a substitute teacher which later became a permanent teacher assistant (the irony right) and I enrolled in a private Grad school to get my Master in Education to later find out in my last semester I couldn't get certified because they didn't meet the Board of Education requirements for certification. What a bummer right? And let's not talk about the amount of student loans I just incurred.

After that I was done. I left the school system and got a job with DFCS.....smh again another bad move (are yall seeing the trend here..I know but it gets better). At this point. I was depressed. I hated my job, I was single, no kids did not have a purpose of what I was doing. I would go out, party do my thing and make what I thought was life look good. But it was not. I would apply for really good jobs just for them to tell me I was not qualified or you came so close but we went with someone else. Huh? What do you mean I came close? And that's not the answer I need right now? I would cry almost everyday. I dealt with failed relationship on a consistent basis and burning bridges with friends. I knew this is not what my life was about. I knew my mom did not make all those sacrifices for me to end up in the sunken place I was in (I knew I needed to GET OUT & FAST). So in 2012 I birth Sayuri Boutique & Consignment which was an epic fail. My 1st business was supposed to be an online consignment/boutique shop. At the time I tried to start my business. I still was not mentally confident in myself to launch a business. I solely depended on other people and their skills and talent to help me to even get started (especially one in particular). Well we all know what happens when we depend on other people right? Yep you guessed!!! It never came to light. Again, I fell back into my sunken place and found my self back into the darkness I tried so hard to climb out of so I thought. See the thing is, I slowly realized I was depending on other people or other people's approval to define my own happiness which was not the case. I started to realize, I define my own happiness.

And then I was blessed with him!!!!! The company you keep, the person you choose to open yourself to makes a world of difference. Now let me clarify somethings because I know I laid a lot on you. I have had really good people in my life and great friends to carry me to the place I am now but I didn't always choose the best company to have around me. And when you bring good level headed people in your circle you start thinking , moving and behaving differently. You start realizing what's good and not good for you. When this fella came into my life and I had my daughter things became clearer to me. I knew what I wanted to do and what needed to be done. I didn't have all my resources but I knew I needed to start making a move besides I've wasted enough time and made enough excuses for me and you to last a lifetime. I mean with all that went on in the past, I was on ready for any more disappointments that life could bring me with.

When I had my daughter in 2015, I knew at that point it was time for me to rebuild and brand my self (yeah I know this should have happened before my daughter but things don't always go our way). In 2016, me and my fiance agreed that I would pursue my career as a makeup artist and he would support me 100%. And from the day of April 1, 2016 I have been on my journey as a makeup artist and I have absolutely no regrets other than, "Why didn't I just do this from the beginning"? This journey has been so rewarding and enlightening for me I don't think I could ever go back to where I once was. Now mind you not, this journey is by far easy and I have fell, made mistakes, done some horrible makeup and had someone tell me I would never be good or go far. All these negative obstacles I have, I now use as a tool to grow and become better. I breathe, eat and sleep makeup now I have my fiance' engage with me about makeup related topics. Sometimes he corrects me and tells me "Baby I think you needed to blend your colors a bit in the corner. lol.....

I have so much grounds to break and more to learn. But in these past two years I have accomplished more than what I ever could accomplish on my own (with the help of my supporting fiance of course). I have been published 3 times, I'm slowly breaking into the film and bridal market and making an awful lot of connections I never thought I would make. So I say this to my readers. No matter where you are in life, where you been it's never to late to stop and re-brand yourself. It's very necessary to stop and look in the mirror and remind yourself who you are and your purpose in life. Every morning, when I'm brushing my daughter's teeth and wiping her face. I let her know the queen she is and how powerful she will be one day. Of course she just smiles and claps right now but I am planting that seed and self confidence in her now. So when she does get older she will already know who she is and not be like her mom and try to figure it out...lol so take this seed of confidence and plant it into your self and start leaving your foot prints of who you want the world to know who you are.

My content are beauty/lifestyle blogs that comes from the heart of a writer and beauty lover who has as I explained above had my shares of life's unexpected surprises. I will share my favorite products and not so favorite ones, trends that I love and pray to the makeup God's will forever go away and so much more. So please enjoy and please be as active as possible with only postivie constructive critism

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