Who is Sayuri Beauty?

So I know you may be wondering?????? Who are what in God's name is a Sayuri? Well, that's simple. You are!!!! Lol. All of my clients, readers and even my spectators represents some aspect of my garden. Have you ever noticed (especially to all my gardeners) when you see a garden, bouquet of flowers or even a simple picture of God's most beautiful creation of scenery views of different plants, wild life they all come together to represent the most beautiful sight to the eyes.......well that's pretty much how I view my clients and business. Everyone I come in contact represents a culture, has a different story we all even have our own thorns. But when you can look past the thorns, the dirt, the griminess of one's past we all possess a special and beautiful purpose to life that creates this beautiful garden.

I've always been fascinated with flowers and makeup. My mom was a beast in the garden. I mean a true green thumb. She could grow anything from marigolds, to roses, lilies, knockout roses, fruits, veggies I mean you name it she could grow it. My love for makeup comes from the diva's in my family. My family consists of majority of women and when I say each and everyone slays omg I mean they slay. I have beauticians, mua's, fashionistas I mean it's just in my blood line. As I grew older and started reading what my makeup products consist of and the more demand of plant base makeup products.......why not bring the two together and that's how Sayuri Beauty was created. The cosmetics part is added on so I can launch my makeup line and it all ties together.

The meaning of Sayuri means little lily in Japenese. I first learned the name from Memoirs of a Geisha and I have been in love ever since. Hence, my favorite flower is a lily. So this is a quick mini history of Sayuri along with my previous intro explaining how Sayuri was originally originated for a boutique but I think Sayuri and makeup has a better more connection. So thank you to all my Sayuri's for helping me to keep my garden grow. Again, each of you present your own flower and beauty and when you bring each of you together you create this beautiful garden of life.

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