A makeup artist job is never done. Aside from making up beautiful faces, it's always important to make sure all your brushes and tools are properly cleaned and sanitized. I mean let's be real , we are going out using our own brushes to apply makeup on different faces daily....and I'm sorry everyone is not clean. So you apply makeup on one person and then the next and then the next. Not one time have you stopped to clean your brushes, so now you have passed on bacteria on top of bacteria and now you are applying all those build up bacteria to your client's face. I kind of like looking at it in a sexual point of view. You sleep with one partner unprotected and then go to the next partner, and then the next and before you know it, you know have the "Usher", just letting it burn going around. So I kind of treat my brushes the same way. Bacteria travels and it builds up. And now we live in a world people will find any and very reason to sue you. And being you are a sole company, guess who they will come after???? Yep you guessed it, they are coming after your business. After all, you are you're business reputation.

Remember, the way your products look and are presented is a reflection of you. If you present your station or products as unclean and unsanitary, how many people do you think will take you serious or let alone let you do their face. Think about the clientele you want to attract. When I go into salons and get my hair done, I instantly look at the stylist station. I'm looking to see if they have hair everywhere, if they drop the their comb on the floor will they replace it or put it back in their clients hair, is the water bowl clean or still have someone's chemically processed residue in the sink....get my drift? YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR BUSINESS REPUTATION IS EVERYTHING.

One of my favorite cleaning products is Sephora's shampoo brush cleaner and this egg cleaner do hickey you see in the picture. All you need is a little drop of shampoo and some warm water and gently run your brushes up and down the bristles and in an instant your brushes are cleaned. As I get deeper in my postings and blogs I will try other cleaning product tools to test out and blog about but for now tell me, how often are you cleaning your makeup brushes? What are some of your cleaning makeup routines?

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