Don't Touch My Stuff

More often than not as a freelancer or someone going into their own business, you solely are responsible for providing your own products/services to be available for your customers/clients. As a freelance makeup artist, I always find myself forgetting something. No matter if I get my stuff laid out the night before, somehow my forgetful brain will forget something, no matter what something is getting left behind.

So now I'm at my gig or with my client and now my heart is racing and beating and I'm praying it's not something major that will drastically alter the look I'm trying to create or it's something small and common that most woman carry in their little makeup bag they carry in their purse and I can ask can I use it real quick.

Most of the time If I'm working with other artist we don't mind helping one another out and sharing our equipment, however let's keep in mind that when someone allows you to use their things or if they have something you need. it's not that person obligation to let you use their things or product. I mean after all, that's your business you are responsible for providing your own material. If someone is kind enough to share and let you use their stuff at least respect their equipment.

I've worked on a couple of gigs where I had that experience. Especially, when I have my ring light. Omg, you would think I was carrying gold. When I bring my ring light everyone wants to work with me. One time me and an artist kind of clashed because she got upset because my light was not directly shining toward her and she had the odasity to move it in the position she wanted. I almost flipped and it took all of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit for me to not go off. As I started working for myself, I had to learn, you can't always react in the manner you truly want to act. I was at a job, a gig and I was working. I could not go off. I had to take several breathes before I responded. I kindly let her know, "please do not touch my things unless your willing to replace it if something happens to my light. It is not my responsible to furnish my light to you, so if you would like to use it you will have to wait until I'm done and If I choose to allow you to use it".

Was that rude? Listen, it may have been but the thing is, if you allow people to just disrespect your space and equipment you will never have anything. When furnishing your business it gets expensive and I know I don't have money to just up and replace something someone missed used. I end up letting her use my light but I did remind her the value of having your own equipment and respecting people space. Having a light is just as important as having the right foundation. Without no light, how can you apply the foundation.

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