It's The Beginning Of The Month

So it's the beginning of the month and pretty much a little over half way in the year and your sitting there thinking like, "I can't believe the year is almost over and I feel like I haven't achieved any of my goals this year". Well if your anything like me then you will find yourself saying this every month.

Come on, like we all know nothing goes as planned and life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls that will kind of knock us off track in completing our goals we set for the year. But stop being so hard on your self and if you accomplished at least one thing you said you was going to do then you have made a step towards a change.

So I decided to make it easier on myself. Instead of making these long list of goals in the beginning of the year and stressing myself out. I decided to start making monthly goals and breaking them down, this way it can be more achievable and I don't feel like I'm trying to cram everything all in once.

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