Loving Palettes

As a makeup artist I quickly learned to fall in love with palettes. It saves time, money, space and most of all a big convenience. With Palettes, even if you don't have the color you need you can more than likely mix up colors and produce the colors you need without spending a dime. Unfortunately, having palettes for personal use can be a waste of money sometimes unless it's a palette of eyeshadows and sometimes you will find colors that are not flattering to your skin tone. So, when I found this Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette I had to try it out and I love it.

As a mother, soon to be wife, building my business and still working 40+ hrs I can't always walk around with a beat face. I know what your thinking, "As an mua shouldn't your face always be beat"? No ma'am. There have been plenty of times I came to a gig bare faced and all. I mean frankly most people don't care what my face looks like, they just want to know can I provide the service correctly. Anyways, after speaking with other working professional women I found I am not the only one facing this problem. Well ladies, this is definitely a great palette to have for a quick makeup 30 minute beat.

This palette is great for personal use and it's small, compact and easy to travel with. So for my personal use, I quickly apply my regular foundation on my face and of course blend it out. Then, is use the lightest brown shade, the sculpture shade and apply it around the frame of my face. Hitting below my cheek bones, temples and my forehead and the rim around my nose. I then apply the contour right below the light brown shade and blend them together. You can apply as much as you like for your desired looked.

I love this palette for personal use however for professional use you are kind of limited on colors and shades of skin color due to the size of the palette and being it's made for your personal color. I will say the coverage isn't as full as I would like applying to my client's face however it is great for your natural clients who like to wear makeup but also gives them that natural look. All in all I really love this Black Radiance palette and will be a permanent collection in my personal makeup kit.

This palette is great to have if your trying to mater basic contouring skills. This palette offers step by step guidance on how to use this powder trio to create a stunning definition for your desire.

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