Mascara's Silent Makeup Secret Weapon

    If you're just starting off into makeup or really not into wearing a whole lot of it, however you want to start wearing something light and natural but still make your look  pop. There is an easy and simple solution to that and that is "MASCARA", yep that simple. Mascara is like the silent secret makeup weapon every woman needs to have.  I'm serious.  Have you ever been in a rush and don't have time to put on a full face but you just quickly throw something one? What are your main items you grab? Or what are the main items you have to have in your personal makeup kit besides foundation? You will either grab/have your mascara, eyeliner or your favorite go to lipstick that you always pop on. But 9 times out of 10, mascara will always be a must have. And the good thing about mascaras you don't have to spend a lot of money on them or get a high end brand to get a popping effect. 

     Mascara's are definitely a must have item in my kit. Come to think about it, I think I have a slight obsession with them because i have quite a bit of a collection of them along with having a monthly subscription with ipsy and receiving them at least every other month in my glam bag.

     Yes, the two pictures above are ladies who I just simply put on a couple of coats of mascara on their lashes to just give them a natural but defining look. You would be surprised how many women I come across who opt to wear strip lashes and just simply want something light, natural and just choose mascara.  

     Also as a mua, you have to know when it's the right time to wear false lashes or just keeping it simple and grabbing your wand You don't want to make the lashes to long and dramatic especially in editorial shoots.  This simple mistake can cause your model's look to come out looking droopy eyed and messing the overall look together.  Sometimes simple is the key.

Below are a few of my favorite mascara brands and their different uses for lash types:

*Rimmel Scandals Eyes Volume Lash-is exactly what the title stands for.  It gives a bold seduction look and wears for a long time. This mascara is good if you have thin and short lashes. The formulas of volumizing mascara's covers the lashes more effectively giving it a perfect bold look. These type of mascara's do give off a bold and clumpy look so be modest on your layers maybe 2-3 times and letting them dry a bit in between layers or to your desire. This product is low in cost and can be easily found in all major stores.

Maybelline Great Lash- now as as cheap as this mascara can be found, it's one of my favorites and it comes in one or two ways with options of different colors. It comes as a lash curve brush or a lengthening brush. Curve brush helps curve your lashes giving you that sultry "yes ma'am look", this is great if you have long lashes and just need to give it a little pop. When applying always look down or it will smudge the top of your eye lid due to the length of your natural lashes . The lengthening brush are for those who have just naturally short lashes and you just want them to appear naturally lengthy but not to bold and over the top looking.  This is for your ideal everyday look.  You literally can find these babies everywhere and as low as $2 dollars at that.

*Mary Kay Lash Intensity-This mascara right here is like mascara of all mascara's. I am in love with this baby right here!!!!  Even though it doesn't say it, this mascara is like a 3-in-1 all stuffed in this beautifully designed black bottle.  This mascara is not here for the half-steppers.  This brand has some type of specially made  double-brush designed to plump while combing through your lashes to lengthening your look. Mineral-rich, high-impact pigment envelops each lash in a perfect shade of black. This mascara will transform your look dramatically in 1.5 seconds without even having to put to much on. Matter of fact, I don't even use this brand if I'm using any type of false lashes because it can be overly dramatic and take away from the whole look in itself. And like I mentioned before, if you are doing an editorial depending on the theme you don't want your model's eyes to heavy or droopy looking.  I am a big fan of Mary Kay but of course this brand can be a bit expensive and can be found online. But if you search around you can find it cheap on ebay or amazon.

*Too Faced Better Than sex Mascara is another guilty pleasure of mine. I accidently stumbled upon this brand in my ipsy bag and have fell in love with it since. I can use this particular brand for all styles of lashes depending on the look I'm going for. It's an intense black, volumizing mascara with an hourglass-shape brush that helps separate, coat and curl each lash to the desired look.  The hour glass shape of the brush helps maximize the performance of the product. The more coats you apply the more dramatic the results of your look will be.  This brand is a bit more expensive. It can be found online and in stores like Sephora, Ulta, Macy.

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