Wild & Free

It was something about this months Ipsy Glam bag that just brought over a chill & excitement upon me. The caption of the words of my make up bag "Wild & Free", reignited the passion in me and my journey of being a great mua. See as an artist or someone starting your own business or following your dream you have to let your self go and be wild and free (I'm not saying be wild & free to be careless and reckless) but you have to be willing to make daring and risky moves without caring what anyone around you have to say.

I remember when I 1st started as a mua and I told someone my plans of wanting to start my own beauty/lifestyle blog and cosmetic line, and they're exact words were "Why? Everyone is doing that, what's going to makes yours so special". Well of course I was a bit upset, and then I thought about it and I told that person, "just sit back and see", I rather just show you instead of explaining it to you.

And in that moment I have been pursing my dreams wildly & freely and never to stop to look back not even once. See what makes me different from everyone else is I am telling my story in my own eyes. The work I deliver is a creation from my own vision. Nobody else can manipulate or recreate what I deliver. Just like I cannot recreate or manipulate what someone else did. I mean I can try and it has been done before but it's never the same as the original master piece. Even my blog posts are my insights to what I view and my own personal opinion. My readers will either agree with me or not. And that goes for anyone else. So the next time someone wants to put you down or question your business moves, don't even explain yourself. Just tell them to sit back and watch you work. Live your life and business wild & free and don't think twice about it. Your sanity isn't meant for everyone's understanding.

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