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Today I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful soul. A jazz musician by the name of Tabreeca Woodside. It was such an honor to do this young lady face because besides makeup, music is also a passion of mine. Unfortunately I wasn't gifted with the talent to pursue it, however the way the melodies of music moves my soul I will always have a place for it in my heart. So, when I had the opportunity to work with someone who can actually sing I had to quickly jump at the chance to be apart of this project. As a bonus, it was a bridal style shoot, so guess what??? Yep, bridal pictures to add to my portfolio & the theme of it is so elegant like the whole vibe of today's shoot was perfect. And like most Jazz musicians I tend to run into her spirit was so mild tempered and laid back.

So let's talk about about today's shoot, the products I used and the final outcome of the look. So as I created Tabreeca's look I wanted to get a feel of what she was trying to accomplish and the look she was expecting to receive. Aside of being a model for today's bridal shoot, Tabreeca is also wanting to rebrand herself and recreate her look for her music and her social media page (boy the pressure I was feeling at this point. This wasn't just a styled shoot but also a recreation of someone's image.....Lol). So my client didn't want to just look like a bride because she was pretty much doing two different looks. So I aimed for a more sultry, soft, subtle look. Not to wedding looking and not to heavily dramitic either soft but myteriously sexy.


So before I even apply makeup to the face, I like to prep it by cleaning it and setting the face with a primer. Even when my clients tell me they have a bare face I still like to cleanse it from the daily particles that fall on our faces from just being outside and moving around.

*1st i used the Neutrogena alcohol-free toner. I really like this because I have been able to use this for all skin types on cleant's really well. It's alcohol-free so it wont strip your natural skins moisture and it's affordable and available almost everywhere. I then sprayed her with Lisa Ashley "Ultimate Moisturizer", and then set her with Embryolisse around her outer face and benefit "pore professional", to minimize her pores and oils around her tzone. I didn't prep her with primer only because she already has good skin and we were shooting indoors so, i really don't have to worry about a makeup melt down and the less layers you use the better outcome for a natural clean finish.

*Foundation: I used makeup Forever Ultra HD shade R540 on her outer face and Graftobian Femme & Vixen. You will learn very fast as an mua, you will be doing a lot of color mixing to accommodate your clients face, especially women of color. Our faces tend to have multiple shades going on. For her concealer I used Graftobian Golden sunset, another trick to being an mua you can use the same product for multiple things. Again, my client already had nice skin I just need to even everything out.

*For her eyes I used Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette, for her brow I totally for got my brow palette and I improvised and used my Sephora Color wonderland Palette and I worked magic baby!!!!!! For her lashes I used Ardells Wispies which work great for a lot of brides. Very natural and full. For mascara I used my favorite Mary Kay's lash intensity, I used Bh cosmetics finishing powder. For her blush and highlighter I used BH Cosmetics Carlio Bybel palette

*Lips I used Nubia Cabernet & Wine lip Liner and Urban's Decay's Rush. I set the face with Skindinavia finishing spray.


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