Live Life Freely & Invest In Yourself

The best thing I could have ever done for myself was to invest in myself and step out on faith and become a makeup artist. I will always emphasize this because putting yourself out there boldly and making your self vulnerable and open to other people's criticism is never easy and can be very dreadful and discouraging. There have been many times I've done people's makeup and they just flat out didn't like it or realized the look they wanted wasn't the best for their features. I've had people tell me I wouldn't go far, or every body and their mama is a makeup artist what will make you any different"? Although all those things may be true and at times I just wanted to curl up and disappear in that very painful moment of disappoint, the most important thing is I am happy in my walk of building and branding myself as a makeup artist. I have accomplished something I have always wanted to do and never thought that I could do. Everyday I wake up, I can account that I am making steps towards building something far greater that I could ever possibly dream of.

Five years I prayed and never had enough courage to just step out and go for it. And of course the money thing. I would look up classes and training and just cringe at the price I would have to pay to even get my feet damp. And many would argue you really don't need training to be a mua or now you have the very infamous YouTube. Again, that's very true as well and I definitely wouldn't argue because YouTube is my go to for a lot of tutorials. However, there is nothing like investing in yourself and getting the training that YouTube can't give you. The connections and opportunities that YouTube just couldn't give you.

I would always complain about not having enough money or "Dang" it's so expensive. But then when I really sat and thought about how much money I would waste on getting my hair done, buying shoes, clothes & purses....that was my money I was wasting on what was really important and that was following my dreams. Setting myself free from my everyday struggles of not liking where I was in life. If I wanted a change, the change has to start with me.

Along my course of being an mua, I realized that bridal makeup is where I truly would love to grow and progress. I mean face it, women are getting married everyday and if you don't ever where makeup I guarantee you will on your wedding day. I recently took a Bridal Seminar with the very talented Mimi J and as I sat there in her class that was again my confirmation that with hard work, continuing to gain knowledge and investing in myself and talent that my journey will not be in vain. Listening to Mimi story and her struggles let's me know nothing work having comes by easy. A lot of times when we see other's in their success, we just see the benefits of it but don't understand the struggles behind their smiles or testimonies. Half the time we wouldn't even condone half the things people have to go through to get where they are. Taking this class was rewarding and very helpful for me as picking up key tricks on how to properly apply makeup o n my brides.

Never question yourself when it comes to making yourself happy. Money comes and goes, but let it go to something you can account for and will see later. Start investing in yourself and live your life happily and freely.

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