New Squiggly Eyebrow Trend Yay or Nay?

So apparently I took a week off for vacation and came back to a whole new beauty wave trend of "SQUIGGLY EYEBROWS". I mean if you can get anymore creative than this, I'm a little scared to see what's next. I'm not here to bash it, however I am not here for it as an everyday makeup routine. I'm sorry, I just can't go into an establishment and see a worker or someone in a professional setting and take them serious or stop staring at them because they have these squiggly eyebrows. And who has the time to draw them on? Now, I can say it does take a bit of talent to do such a crazy pattern (Yes, I did try to do them. I can't help it I'm a mua. The results was an epic failure) but I just can't see myself or anyone wearing this everyday.

Now I will say, these would be great for hair shows, makeup competition or even a photo shoot but for the love of makeup please ladies let's not make this an everyday trend. But I will be practicing this just for the sake to learn how to do it and again I wouldn't mind implementing this in a creative shoot. I love to do shoots that are creative and out the box. I would like to do this one time for 2017 to say I did it and then leave it right in 2017 as one of the wildest makeup trends for that year and that's So let me know what you think of the squiggly eyebrows. Are you here for it? Yay or Nay?

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