Our 1st DIY Project

     Don't let this pretty face fool you. Not only am I a makeup artist, but I also know how to get down and dirty, and work hard when the time arises.  I'm not just a business owner, but also a homeowner as well. This past weekend me and my fiance started our 1st major diy project in our yard.   At 1st we were kind of sketchy about doing it ourselves because neither one of us have a clue on what do in a yard but we recently got hit with an HOA violation due to our house having a lot of dirt in our front yard and no grass. If you are a homeowner you already know getting repairs in your house can be quite costly. Wearing many hats as a mother, business owner, homeowner as well as planning a wedding you can imagine I budget and manage my money very closely.

     The biggest problem we were facing with our yard is, it's infested with a lot of roots and having the proper tools to work in it. When we 1st moved in our house we had a lot of trees (which we cut down previously). At first we wanted to call and hire someone to do the job for us and be over and done with it. However, everyone was quoting us $1500 and up which right now I just couldn't see ourselves giving to someone else with everything we have going on right now. Plus, we already wasted hundreds of dollars with a previous landscaper who completley  ripped us off and left our yard in worse condition then it already was in. So I sat down with my finance, and as much as I hate working outside, I swallowed my pride and suggested we do it ourselves. With a little help and direction from my mom, we could do the yard piece by piece on our own time and we could budget our money better. I called the HOA manager and explained to him our situation and that we are working on correcting the problem in our yard with the bare dirt if he could just give us a little time. He understood and even gave us suggestions on what we could do to save on money and extend our island out a bit to take up some yard space.

    So the fun begins. We started off by buying one palette of grass. Our main focus was to get the front yard started and we would continue to work on each sections of our yard each month around our pay period.  My fiance got up early Saturday morning and literally manually broke up the bark and leveled out our yard to lay our grass down.  I extended our Island in a slanted position and brought it out to our sidewalk to help on cost of buying grass and using up a lot of the space we had. Plus I created a small area for gardening that I plan to fill up  as time goes by.  One of Gary friends came by to help us as well which gave us extra man power and made the work a little easier for me....lol.   The more the merrier. Unfortunately we don't have a truck so we had to make like 3 different trips to get all the supplies we needed to work on our yard but hey we made it work. 

  The whole process was tiring and brutal..lol. Let's not forget a painful workout too.  We did everything manually versus someone who could get it done quicker with the right equipment. However through this grueling process I enjoyed spending time with my fiance. We talked, laughed, got frustrated and we got closer with one another. We listened to one another, figured out the unknown and kept it moving. I honestly got turned on watching my man get down and sweaty working hard. There is nothing more sexier than seeing a grown man work hard and sweat.  We worked from sun up to sun down to just get our yard started up.   But the real reward is  stepping back to see your work in progress and seeing the work you put in coming along  and the fact that you can step back and say "Yes, we did this".  I'm very proud and happy with the starting process of our yard. We still have a lot more to work on, but again as I mentioned, this project will be on going each month, little by little based on our budget.

    As a homeowner, everything falls on you to get fixed and hiring someone can be quite expensive.   Now in this day of technology it's really easy to learn to diy. Between you tube and free classes at Lowes, Home Depot & Pikes it's making it easier to learn how to fix your home yourself. I'm not saying do this for everything because there will be times you may need to hire someone but if you are on a budget or just don't have the money to do that at the time, don't be afraid to learn how to do it yourself. If you make a mistake it's ok. Just like with anything else you do in life. You have to start somewhere to learn. You have to make a mistake, waste some money, cry a bit to learn to get to the next level. Take a moment to step out on faith and believe in yourself. You will be amazed as to how far you can go if you really take time to expand your mind.  I really had fun working in the yard with my bae and now I'm addicted. I want to work on it more and more because I see as well as believe in our vision along with our capabilities in getting our yard in tip top shape. Yes we may mess up. Of course I will kill a few plants but that comes along with learning. Seeing the results of the little bit that we did I was in amazement like wow. Now I have rules and regulations of  anyone being in my yard...lol. When you put all that hard work in yourself you value it better. I feel the same way with my business and implement this same process with Sayuri.  I'm so excited. Stay tuned for upcoming updates  in our DIY Landscaping Project from The Hayes.

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