Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes when things seem slow and we aren't getting the business we feel we should be getting we tend to get discouraged which leads to questioning if you are doing things the right way. Well at least I know I do. Especially around this time of year September and October. I know last year I about cried. When I 1st started off in my career as a mua it seemed like I was getting jobs from left to right, right to left. As soon as the fall hit, the opportunities just slowed down to a halt. It seemed like my phone and emails went on a complete drought. I was devastated and thought my career ended right before it could even begin ( Yes I know a bit dramatic). Of course I quickly learn that's part of business and you will have those moments of down time

Even our major retail stores has a time period where they decline in sells, especially after the Holidays and the New Year. But just because you have some down time and no business coming it, that doesn't mean there isn't work to be done.

See, your downtime should be used to reevaluate your business. Re-brand your self. Take classes to educate your self to help elevate your business. Whatever it is, do something that you felt you couldn't do for your business because you were so busy to focus on the back end of things. Having a business isn't always about making money. Even though that's majority of everyone's goal to do. However, if your business isn't running correctly, if you don't have policy and procedures in place how will your business last to even make money? These are things we intend to fail to neglect because we are so focused on making money and attracting customer/clients to us.

When I'm slow or not getting gigs. I'm practicing to perfect my craft. I mean I do have a face right? Why not take the opportunity to glam myself up while I'm perfecting on my skills. During my slow times, I'm trying out different products, putting colors together to see if they can work well with each other, setting policies to keep my business in order. I'm quite sure you get the drift so the next time you feel your not busy enough, use that opportunity to build your business up.

Details of this look:

To set my face I used: Crown Brush hd primer & NYX 1st base spray primer

Foundation: Sephora Infusion Cafe Latte 445 in my inner face & Mac Studio fix NW44 for my outer

Concealer: Crown's CSR04 Meli & Anastasia contour cream kit (Deep), set the face with Ben Nye banana powder

Brows : 1st I slightly filled it in with Maybelline Expert war velvet black pencil & then went back over it with Anastasia Auburn dip brow.

Eyes: Urban Decay Vice palette, Makeup Forever 9 artist shadow palette

Cheeks: BH Cosmetics Cali Bybel Highlighter

Lips: Kiss Navy Blue Lip liner and Sayuri Beauty & Cosmetic Lily for the inner lips

Lashes: Sayuri Beauty & Cosmetics 3D Mink Lashes and Mary Kay Lash intensity mascara

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