Wearing Makeup For an Interview

Today I had an interview with Dior cosmetics makeup counter at Macy's, prior to my interview in the process of me getting ready I wanted to make sure my makeup was on point. However, interviews is not the place to show off our skills on how well you can apply your makeup. Even for those makeup/sales position's, you would think this is the time to show off your contouring and blending skills but it's not. Most makeup jobs in retail are more concerned about your customer and sales experience. Of course application of makeup is a plus as well but the bulk of the position is mainly customer service satisfaction. Now if your potential job is more creative and the potential hiring manager specifies they are looking for a bold look or they want to see how well you apply your makeup like MAC then go at it. But always ask what is the appropriate attire for the position that you are interviewing for.

The goal is to keep your makeup looking natural. You don't want to distract the interviewer from your talent and charisma while your sitting in the hot seat. You want the person to remember you and not your loud pink and blue eye shadows. Choose neutral colors to match your skin tone as almost as if you are not wearing makeup. You want to have a fresh look as almost as if you were not wearing makeup.

Keep your lipstick neutral as possible. Red lips are a glamorous classic go to look but maybe not for your interview. Here's the thing: red lipstick isn't a terrible "don't,"it's just something to approach with caution. So when can it work? If the rest of your look is understated and simple with minimal eye makeup, you might be able to get away with it. But your lipstick must be applied with care. Bare lips with a tad bit of chap stick/lip gloss would be better than blotchy lipstick or smudged lip liner. And you probably don't want to be worrying about that during your interview If you like a little color on the lips, stain them. Put on a colored lipstick remove it and put a little gloss or moisturizer on them to give a little color pop.

Ladies leave the lashes at home or keep them very small and secure. Rather than falsies opt for a coat of black, waterproof mascara instead. Even with mascara you have to be careful, don't go mascara crazy and end up with clumpy black lashes. Remember you want to look professional and polished. If you're used to doing a wing eyeliner, tone it down for your interview. Rather than extending your eyeliner past the outer edge of your eye, end it right there. You can also use a pencil, as opposed to liquid liner, to achieve a softer, less harsh bold look.

An interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it's important to keep your cool and perform under pressure. If you're prone to sweating or getting red when you're stressed, a lightweight mineral powder is your best friend. Just dust it on your face, either over your foundation, concealer or bare skin. This will help dry up any sweat so you don't look greasy and will also lend an even tone to your face.

That being said, opt for natural tones if you choose to wear makeup on an interview. Earth tones are a safe bet; and easy to apply. Just use a lighter, slightly luminescent shade (close to your skin tone) on your lids, then add some depth with a medium shade on the outer corners of your eyes to give your eyes a little definition. Remember you want to look yourself with just a little pop of makeup to even out your skin and to look well polished and put together.

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