Beauty Product Review Pro Wax100

As the beauty industry greatly evolved over the years there are so much more products you can purchase on your own to save yourself time and money and not having to go somewhere to spend a lot of money to have someone to do it for you. Now it's easier than ever to be self sufficient and learn how to diy projects on your own. My two most favorite places to learn how to do my own beauty routines are pinterest and of course the famous Youtube. I am a big advocate of learning to do things on my own and will invest in products/gadgets that I know will help me save money in the long run. But with new launches and products being released like every week it seems like;which one do you know to buy or are worth getting. Below is one of my favorite beauty products I recently purchased. My suggestion when trying something new or buying anything online. Always read the reviews. People will quickly let you know if they don't like something or if it's a waste of time/money. Always, always do your research before purchasing it.

The Pro Wax100 heater is everything. OMG. This purchase is well worth it and not expensive at all. It came with a wax heater, waxing beans & spatula for application. The heater melts the wax very quickly and the wax dries up making it easy to use. I saved so much money when I bought this item. I no longer have to take time off to go to the salon to get a wax and pay those ridiculous salon prices. I still need some practice learning how to apply the wax right because it can get messy and get every where however once the wax dries it's easy to clean if it gets anywhere on the counter. All in all I love it and it's very affordable. And easy to purchase online. I got mine from My Makeup Brush set but you can also find it on amazon, ebay & walmart online.

Pros: This product is very easy to use. The kit comes with everything you need. Leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth just like you left a salon. Waxing beans melt fast and quickly. Can apply to almost every part of your body to remove unwanted hair. Very convenient.

Cons: Can get really messy and gets everywhere. Very hard to clean the wax kit. Wax kit shuts off overtime. Some areas you may have to apply the wax more than once if there is a lot of hair there. It's a bit painful for the 1st time removing the wax from your body.

Overall I am happy with my purchase and as I get better with learning how to use this product I will be posting videos to share shortly.

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