Make-up Tip Monday-Properly Cleaning Your Lash Extension

    Properly cleaning your eyelash extensions is very crucial but one of the last thing we tend to think about cleaning  when it comes to removing our face makeup. It is just important to clean your eyelash extensions as it is to fully remove the makeup on your face. 

     Over time dead skin, make-up, oils, dust & debris are building up on your eyelid amd can cause bacteria  and some serious eye infections. This build up on your eyes causes the perfect environment for lash mites to live, causing your lashes to fall.

Products to use:

Baby Shampoo-is gentle & very cheap to use. Only use 1 drop of babu shampoo with luke warm water and gently  apply it to your lashes with your finger tips or pointed Q-tip (never use cotton balls or anything with cotten because it can get caught in the lids) and wash with warm water. The only downside that it may not be directly fighting off the bacteria from your eyes or treat against blepharitis.

Sterild-this product can be purchased from a pharmacist without a prescription. It's safe to use with eyelash extensions, keeps your eyelid clean and helps to treat blepharitis. This product runs about $30.00.

Chrissanthie-is an eyelid cleanser and very popular with alot of professional makeup artist for cleaning lash extensions. It easiky removes eye makeup and helps to treat unwanted blepharitis and can be purchased  at and these run a little more in the $150.00.

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