Vision Bank Box

    I'm a firm believer from my own past experinces that whatever you put out in the atmosphere is exactly what you will get back in return.   If you are always postive and see the brighter side of things then positive and good things will happen to you. However, if you're always negative, always saying your broke or saying what you can't do, then that is exactly what's going to happen. You will always be in a rut, always miserable and unhappy because that's what you are putting out around you.

     I remember back in 2012 when I first came up with "Sayuri", it was originally supposed to been an online boutique/consignment store.  Even though I love fashion I knew that's not where my true passion resided and plus at the time I had no business or creative sense so I was depending on someone else to make my dream's reality. When that relationship ended, you already know "Sayuri", went along with it as well.  I was so devasted and hurt.  For a long time I was numb and knew my life was over. I hated my job and knew I was not a 9-5 type of person.  Overtime, I looked at my old business plans and started praying. I prayed, "Lord you see my heart and desire. You see my business plan and you see what I am trying to do. I don' want to stay in fashion however I want to keep my orginal name but start my own company some kind of way. Please open my heart, mind and help me grow as  a person and the confidence to know I can make this happen". I prayed that prayer every year since 2013. Fast forward, 5 years later. I became a makeup artist, decided to start my own cosmetics company, quit my full-time job to work part-time and yes I am still using my orginal name "Sayuri".  Yes times get hard and overwhelming but I would not have it anyother way. Just 5 years ago, I was praying for this opportunity. Could you imagine if I was negative and focused on what I lost, what I would be missing out on today?

    So now it's 18 days into January, 2018.   Instead of doing a regular vision board and making overwhelming big goals to accomplish my finace' got a little creative and came up with a Vision Bank Box. So pretty much the concept came from our bank jars we would have around the house. We had sevarl jars that were labled "Vacation", "Wedding", "house", ect......we pretty much threw all our loose money in these jars to have for rainy days. We started off good but of course once you start seeing the money we would pinch off it here and there defeating the whole purpose of having the jars in the first place. So Gary decided to make boxes into a bank and decorate the box with our vision of 2018 aroun it. He sealed the box's and  made an insert to throw our loose money in there. That way there is no way to get to the money unless you phycially tear open the box.

So my 1st goal to accomplish is getting my Esthetician liscense. In the start of my career I learned early on I need more than knowing how to apply makeup. I need stronger creditionals and nothing better goes with makeup then skin care knowledge.  The program is roughly around 15,000. Right now I don't know where I am getting this money from due to us paying for a wedding, house and kids responsiblities and dealing with life it self  but I do know what I want  I shall get and for 2018 I will be saving money to start working on  my liscense  at some point in 2019.

    My second goal for 2018 is builidng up for my family and saving more for rainy days and vacations with my family.   As I get older I definetily see myself getting maturer and wiser. This past Christmas I told my Fiance' this was my last Christmas I will spend alot of  money on gifts. Intead I rather us save the money and start taking more trips with the family. I grew up military and my mom always took us somewhere and I still have that embedded in me heavily. That's an experience I want my kids to have. See the world, expereince different people and culture.  So for 2018 I'm speaking life, abundance, and advancements  in the life of my family and  career.   Everything after that will fall in place as time permits.

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