Don't Let Your Set Backs Really Set You Back.

Doesn't it seem like the moment you step outside your comfort zone, you get all type of adversities thrown at you. It's like no matter what you try to do to avoid facing any type of obstacles you just can't catch a break from it. 

For me these last couple of weeks has been nothing short from hell. I've been taking L's after L's that I just wanted to throw the whole month of April away.  It had gotten so bad my husband had to ask "how long are you going to let things beat you down"? "I know alot is going on and things will be hard for a minute but we will be alright". 

I'm not the most religious person but I do believe in my heavenly father. And when I tell you I cried so much I couldn't do nothing but pray.  In that moment, God showed me what really mattered and what I was going through wouldn't last forever. 

My friends called me every day to encourage me, the hubby totally stepped up 100% and took care of the household. Within that time, up until now I started a new job, I've had people contact me out the blue inquiring about my services and even though we were set back financially because I couldn't work for about 3 weeks we are still blessed. The mortgage is paid, we have food in the fridge and our kids haven't missed a beat. So in the mist of everything I'm truly blessed and have so much to smile about instead of crying about something's you just don't have any control of.

So I say all that to say, it's ok to cry but try not to let your situation over power you. Sometimes it's not what's going how but how we handle the situation that determines the outcome of the situation.

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