Face your challenge & Master them!!!!

    When I 1st started my career in makeup I was like that little girl who's mother forced her into dance class with two left feet 😔. When it came to brows & that devilish wing liner I was the weakest link. 

    I could never get my brows to be Krispy clean or even. I would literally need an hour dedicated for my brows alone because I knew it would take me a few attempts to get them half way decent to make it throughout my day. However that darn wing liner was my all time weakness. I barely could draw a stick figure person in a straight line let alone trying to draw some Cat eyes on myself or anyone else.

However, I was determined to learn and as a makeup artist you should be able to do the basics....like brows & a wing lin

er right? Majority of my clients expect to have their brows on point and that sharp wing liner. And honestly in the beginning of my career I lost a lot of clients because most of their request was brows and wing liner combo.

I was determined to learn as well as no longer having to decline a customer over something so simple.  So I would practice, practice, and practice.  Sometimes late at night when everyone is sleep, I'm in the bathroom practicing, watching you tube and just trying different techniques that would work for me. 

Eventually my brows were completely on point to where women would stop me asking who did your brows which eventually lead me to recruit them as my client. The wing liner took me a little longer to get but you know what....I didn't stop until I was comfortable enough to add it to most of my looks. 

Now I'm saying brows and cutting you with my wing liner.  Of course if you're not into makeup this would not make any sense to you but for my beauty guru's totally understand knowing how to apply these two techniques to your makeup makes a big difference with completing your look.

The moral of the story.....no matter what your weakness is, if you want something bad enough if you practice,  take training, a class or whatever you need to do to perfecting your craft. With time, patience & faith you will be a Master at it before you could even realize it.

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