I Need A Do Over

Today is Monday, the beginning of the week and we literally have 3 1/2 months left in the year before we start a new year. So what is it that you are working on or trying to get done this week or by the end of the year? For me this week until the end of the year, I am rebrandig my self & business, updating my website, being more active on my social media handles as well as being more active with my blogs.

It sounds like I am rebranding and starting over right? Well I am. This year has definitely been a challenging year. So challenging that I totally let it interfere with my focus and the energy I put into my business. And that's ok, as long as your honest with yourself and understand why you or your business may not be progressing.

That was me. I was not honest with myself. I would cry to my husband like why am I not getting any books? Things are slowing down for me. There aren't enough gigs out there for me. But honestly, the truth of the matter was. I was not focus at all. 2018 was a major year of losses for me. I literally went through 3 jobs in less than 3 months time span, out of nowhere I ended up getting really ill in my body and needed surgery, on top of that my car went out on me, I had to pull my daughter out of day care and I was planning a wedding that I honestly didn't think that would happen just because of all the curve balls we were being hit with, and at the time I just felt like my life was over and I allowed those things to consume me and made me loose all interest in Sayuri.

I was no longer 100% focus. My husband would encourage me and would try to push me to get motivated and would tell me everything would be ok, but I would honesly use everthing that was going against me as an excuse not to be focused towards my business. I would say "bae tomorrow I will do better", or "I'll try again next week, right now I just have to much going on", The days would turn into weeks and weeks turn into months that I wouldn't do anything for Sayuri. Until last month, I was packing and getting ready for our destination wedding, when I realized the year was almost over and I disappointed in myself that I really didn't put the energy I should have put into my business.

When I got back from Mexico, I had a one on one talk with myself, I prayed and told myself. I need to start over. From here on out until the end of 2018 I am rebranding myself, building new contacts and really putting 200% of my effort into my business. Snce I did this, I am literally booked every week until the end of October. I feel rejuenated and filled with new fresh ideas. It's ok to fall off and start over. But be honest with yourself and don't make excuses or linger on to the fact you're not being all the way proactive. We all have those moments, just try not to let the majority of the year go by before you realize you lost focus like I did. But if you do just pick back up where you left off and go full throttle.

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